Cool House

This month’s issue of Metropolitan Home (which I subscribed to for free) has a very interesting article about a very cool house.

It’s 25 feet square - 575 square feet.

My current apartment feels cozy, and it’s 1019 square feet - almost twice the size of the house in the article. But I can’t help wondering how cool it would be to get rid of all the clutter that having so much space generates. Maybe I wouldn’t go quite as extreme as 575 square feet - and the article is just about a vacation cabin - but a house ten meters on a side would give you just over 1075 square feet, enough to live in comfortably without too many distractions. Less space to fill means less stuff to buy; less stuff to buy means less stuff to maintain and organize. I realize that at some level, x amount of stuff is necessary to sustain life (or maybe not), but I still think it’s a great experiment!