IPhone Is Now a Kindle

We are rapidly approaching the point where your phone is your computer.

Here’s your future:
The 5x optical zoom, 10-megapixel digital camera is built in.
Video playback (which means audio, duh) is built in.
Instant messaging is built in.
Internet browsing is built in.
Mobile gaming is built in.
eBooks” are built-in.
Video capture is built in.
Video conferencing is built in.
Once you pair your earpiece with the phone, it automatically, and wirelessly, connects whenever it is turned on.
When you set your phone down on your desk, it will automatically, and wirelessly, start charging.
Once you pair your external keyboard, mouse/trackball, display, and speaker system with the phone, they will automatically, and wirelessly, connect whenever you set your phone down on your desk.
Once you pair your car to your phone, keyless entry, remote ignition, and other “car key fob button” functionality will be right there in your phone.

Some is (almost) already there; I put links in for everything I knew about. If something else on this list is already available, let me know! Anything else you need in your phone?