January Resolutions Update

Well, it’s already February 3, so I’m a few days behind, but here’s my monthly update on how things are going with my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions, point-by-point.

  1. Read through my Bible this year; the entire thing, cover to cover, reading at least a chapter every single day.
    Well, I missed a few days here and there, but none in the last two weeks. I finished Numbers and started Deuteronomy this morning, and I’ve been struck by some of the things I never noticed before, like the fact that the Ark of the Covenant had a cover over it whenever Israel moved, so all those movies where you see the ark itself being carried are missing something. Anther verse I found particularly interesting was Deuteronomy 4:9; it points right towards one of my favorite sermons, that forgetfulness is like faith cancer. As soon as the nation of Israel began to forget the things God had done for them, they strayed from the path… In Deuteronomy 4:9, Moses implores them not to forget, but to tell their children and their grandchildren about the goodness of God!!!

  2. Never use my credit card. Use my credit card whenever possible but never carry a balance.
    I updated this resolution after reading a post about the cash-back percentages on some credit cards and receiving a $300 dollar deposit into my account from my bank through their rewards program. I’ve only ever paid less than the total balance on my credit card once, but it’s not something I intend to do ever again.

3) Contribute the maximum amount to my Roth IRA account.
Haven’t done anything on this one yet… budget calls for $500 contribution in February, so….

  1. Build a three-month emergency fund.
    I have $1,000 at the moment, and had intended to put in more during January, but I ended up reading a book that my dad (an accountant and CEO) gave me for Christmas by Dave Ramsey that strongly advocated getting out of debt as quickly as possible. It convinced me, and so my $30,000 student loan is getting eaten at $1,100 per month (despite the fact that it was at 1% interest). However, this goal is still on track - more about that later.

  2. Get my two-mile run time under 15 minutes.
    Unfortunately, this goal took a huge hit on January 7, when my doctor told me to quit running for a month and let my knee heal. More to follow in later months.

  3. Finish the Navigators’ “Design for Discipleship” series of Bible studies.
    Finished book two, working on chapter two in book three. One chapter per week. I’m also working on The Story of Christianity (graciously loaned to me by Kristen over at Recipes!) to fill a void in my knowledge about the actual, chronological history of the body of Christ, and Real Worship, which has been eye-opening for my personal worship.

  4. Blog at least once a week, plus a monthly update on my resolutions.
    I posted at least once every week (Sunday-Saturday), even if there was a 10-day drought in the middle of the month. Should’ve gotten this post in last Saturday to make it in before January ended, but I’m not overly upset about it. One thing that I’d like to pick up from Dave (FenderNut’sPlace) is that he posts a lot from his quiet times… I think that this blog should focus that direction as well, so look for more in the future.