The Wedding Industry Is a Lie

I know, I’m getting married. But we all get carried away sometimes by marketing hype… what office worker can resist an Embody Chair? I think the next big step for me in living a frugal lifestyle and building wealth is to ditch the marketing. It’s amazing to me that I somehow still fall for marketing, since I browse ad-free, I don’t watch television, and most of the ads on Hulu (where I watch Bones with my fiancé) aren’t even for purchased products - they’re for stuff like Feed The Pig, which, ironically enough, is a website devoted to saving! So how do I get caught up in marketing hype? Somehow it happens.

The title of the post is from one of Seth Godin’s blogs, called All Marketers Are Liars. The post in question hit home with me because I’m in the process of planning a wedding and I’m oh-so-thankful to have a fantastic woman who wants nothing to do with the wedding industry or many of the so-called traditions that it has sold to women in America. She follows I Peter 3:3-4, and she is beautiful in every way. Now I’ve just got to learn from her example and really start to wonder if I need an Omega watch, a massive house, or a convertible.

Ok, maybe just the convertible.