I Wasn't Born Yesterday

Well, actually, as far as God is concerned, I was.

John 1:1 says that God was here when time began… John 1:3 says that He made everything, and I firmly believe that everything includes time itself. I discovered an interesting passage in Job today, Job 8:8-10. “Bildad the Shuhite” is trying to comfort Job by telling him that God will bring good to Job’s life again, despite his terrible loss. He says that Job should consider history - God had never failed! - and reminds Job that “we are only of yesterday, and know nothing.”

How true that is! How insignificant it is when we question God! Think of a two year-old throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. Aside from wishing the parent would smack their kid a good one, we all know that the parent is probably right, and the kid is just too young to understand. When we say, “How could God let that happen to me?!” or “God can’t possibly be upset with me, I’m so much better than so-and-so,” I just imagine the angels in heaven rolling their eyes and wishing God would smack us one.

Perfect obedience doesn’t mean not questioning. Matthew 26:39 is a great model for this. Jesus says to His Father, “Are you sure?! Really?!” and then He goes out and dies for us. Perfect obedience dies to self despite questions, and gives glory to God.