March Resolutions Update

  1. Read through my Bible this year before I get married May 23; the entire thing, cover to cover, reading at least a chapter every single day.
    I’m on Psalm 1 today, and I haven’t done today’s reading yet; page 414 of 949. I’m slightly behind the curve for finishing before May 23, but it’s definitely still an achievable goal. Gotta hit the Book!

  2. Use my credit card whenever possible but never carry a balance.
    Going well so far!

3) Contribute the maximum amount to my Roth IRA account.
$500 more in this month!

  1. Build a three-month emergency fund.

  2. Get my two-mile run time under 15 minutes.
    This month saw me return to running medium distance (1-3 miles) on a fairly regular basis (twice a week), as well as a fair amount of time spent playing pick-up games of basketball. My knee is not 100 percent, but there’s no pain any more, and it feels GREAT to be able to run again!

  3. Finish the Navigators’ “Design for Discipleship” series of Bible studies.
    I’ve finished chapter 3 of book 4; chapter 5 is this week. I will post a review of book 4 when I finish it in a few weeks like I did for book 3 this month.

  4. Blog at least once a week, plus a monthly update on my resolutions.
    I posted on March 3, 9, 14, 15, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, and now 31… 12 posts in all, more than once every three days. And my monthly update is actually on time (thankfully, my internet service was restored early)!