A Tour of My Plumber's Bag

The Simple Dollar had an article a few weeks back where Trent explained each item in his messenger bag (and Lifehacker has several such articles), so here’s my response. Trent wrote about the frugality behind each item in his bag; my bag is about convenience and readiness. I think that a man should be able to respond to his situation when necessary; part of that readiness is knowledge, and part of it is tools and equipment. It would be ridiculous to carry around enough gear to respond to every situation, but a minimal amount of gear can account for most of the likely situations I encounter.

On My Person:

The Bag Itself:
I wrote a post several months ago in the belief that I had gotten beyond my messenger bag. Turns out I didn’t. The flexibility and simplicity of the bag I carry was beyond what the Camelbak Transformer could offer me, despite the incredible performance features of that bag. I’m certainly going to keep the Camelbak around, as it’s indispensable for camping and biking. It’s just not what I carry every day.

I have an Urban Plumber’s Bag from a defunct company called Bohemian Traders. It was a high-school graduation gift from my father, the best man I know, and it’s been in probably twenty states plus Mexico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. It’s survived umpteen airline flights, falling in a vat of wet cement, dirt and dust, wear and tear… and it’s still great.

In The Bag:
I use my bag to carry whatever I need for whatever I’m doing at the moment, anything from sheet music and A/V equipment to Linux CDs. The list here is just what is generally always there.

What do you think? What do I have that’s extra? What am I missing?