30 Days, Day 1: Core Values

I’ve decided to get on board with Art of Manliness’ 30 Days To A Better Man project, on condition that anything they end up including in the project doesn’t violate my own sense of manliness.

This post is a response to the 30 Days To A Better Man project, Day 1: Define your (five) core values.

Five core values. At some level it seems ridiculous to categorize myself by five finite words, but here goes. You can click each value to read a detailed explanation.

  1. Christ (I John 5:11-12)
  2. Truth (John 8:32)
  3. Personal Responsibility (Matthew 25:14-30)
  4. Perseverance (Matthew 24:13)

Manliness (I Samuel 16:18)

In the end, I cheated a little, because “Manliness” encompasses all other manner of virtue, knowledge, skill, and actions (BE, KNOW, DO)… but it’s something that I value very highly, so I put it on the list. What are your core values? Art of Manliness’s article basically assumes that every man will have a different set of five values; I’d argue that a real man has the same values as me for at least number 1….