May Resolutions Update

  1. Read through my Bible this year before I get married May 23 this year; the entire thing, cover to cover, reading at least a chapter every single day.
    This didn’t happen. In April, I wrote that I had only read 71 pages in an entire month; this month, I’ve gone from page 485 to page 729 - 244 pages. A major improvement, but not enough. I finished the Old Testament on May 21, and it’s pretty taxing to read the entire New Testament in two days when you’re trying to get married. So I’m back to the original goal, reading the entire Bible, at least one chapter per day, before the end of the year. I’m pretty sure I can finish the remaining 220 pages of my Bible this year. While I’m not happy that I missed this goal, I know I can’t change things now so the best thing to do is keep pressing on.

  2. Use my credit card whenever possible but never carry a balance.
    Still on the money (pun intended), no balance on the card, despite a few unforeseen wedding expenses. Having money saved in “Goal” and “Maintenance” accounts has really been helpful!

  3. Contribute the maximum amount to my Roth IRA account.
    $500 went in this month! That’s $2000 for the year, right on schedule!

  4. Build a three-month emergency fund.

  5. Get my two-mile run time under 15 minutes. I’m down around the sixteen minute mark and dropping fast. I really have to focus on this goal now, because my time has gotten so much less available due to some intensive job training I’m participating in for the next six months.

  6. Finish the Navigators’ “Design for Discipleship” series of Bible studies.
    I’m in book five, posted a review of book four this month. If I can keep up half the pace I’ve set so far, I’ll be done with the seven-book series in October.

  7. Blog at least once a week, plus a monthly update on my resolutions.
    May went much better than April. I have nineteen posts this month, of which fewer than half are short “found” blurbs. I’ve added an “About” page to the blog, and I’ve got a few ideas that should help keep me on track with posting for the next few months at least, despite my much busier schedule.