Seth Godin's Saints

A couple of days back, Seth Godin posted a thought-provoking question. He asks, “Where are you?” on a spectrum of “greed/joy/work/good” in your current job, and in your current spending. Where am I? He mentions a few extremes, and I think it’s interesting to see who his saints are. First one is, “[Y]ou donate all your belongings and income to the poorest and sickest in the slums and ghettos.” Then, “Would you take a 10% pay cut to market a product you truly love and believe in?”


Luke 18:22 is from the story of the rich young ruler. How many of us would become one of Seth Godin’s saints and follow Christ, giving everything we own to the poor and needy?

Matthew 4:20 and Mark 1:18 tell how the disciples immediately walked away from their jobs to follow Christ. How many of us would take a ten percent pay cut to market salvation in Christ - a “product” we truly love and believe in?

Christ didn’t call every person he met to walk away from their job or to sell all their possessions, but He did call a few. I believe He calls each of us in a different way. How is he calling you? Am I compromising? Are you?

“No right answers, but some good questions,” Godin writes. Not so. We cannot compromise. We are not of this world. Whatever Christ calls us to do, that’s what we’re here for - it’s our purpose. If you’re compromising your life in Christ, take immediate action!