Browser Wars

A good subtitle for this post might be, “Why I’m still using Firefox.”

I’m not happy with Firefox’s performance; it should not, under any circumstances, take up 1GB of ram and another of swap space. That’s ridiculous. I suppose the colossal list of extensions I have running might be half the problem, but after playing around with nine other browsers today (Opera 9 isn’t listed below), I’m pretty sure Firefox is the best thing around for me. If anyone can tell me how to get the functionality of the AutoPager and Adblock Plus Firefox extensions in Opera, I’m pretty sure I’ll switch, but until then… no dice. Below are my oh-so-objective comparisons after trying them all out today, ranked by score on the Acid3 test. If a browser didn’t beat my current Firefox on the Acid3, I didn’t even continue to test it.

Opera 10 Beta

Chromium (Google Chrome):







Internet Explorer 8