Fedora 11 Impressions

So far, after a day of use, I’m completely unimpressed. Fedora 11 fails to even recognize the trackpad on my MacBook; while in Fedora 10 I couldn’t enable multi-touch options, at least the trackpad worked! Also, the default browser is Firefox 3.5.4b, which is still beta - and I get that this is Fedora, so it’s supposed to be the bleeding edge and all - but seriously, Firefox 3.5 beta 4 is not ready to be a default browser. GMail doesn’t even load correctly!

Here’s what works, that didn’t in Fedora 10:

Here’s what doesn’t work:

Overall, I’m not impressed, and I’m tired of working without the full benefit of the trackpad - which in Mac OS X is probably the most awesome input device ever created, and should work just the same in Fedora, but doesn’t. Look out - I am downloading Ubuntu 9.04 right now, so there may be some posts detailing my experiences over the next couple of weeks!