Why This Blog?

In May, I wrote a post on being unconventional and asked two questions.

[W]hy are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you doing it the way you’re doing it?

I started writing this blog eight months ago because the opportunity was there. I thought that an online, indexed, accessible forum would allow me to store and access my thoughts in a way that my memory (highly imperfect), a notebook (not indexed), and even my own computer (not always accessible) don’t. While all those methods are great, and I use them every day, they also preclude by their nature sharing my thoughts with others - and receiving their input, critiques, and insights.

So what I’m doing is not attempting to run a blog that generates a profit. Goodness knows my day job takes too much time for me manage advertisements and everything else to make money from this (even if my writing ever gets that good). I’m attempting (with great success thus far) to note my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects, specifically but not limited to CHRIST and MANLINESS - including STEWARDSHIP and MARRIAGE; SOFTWARE, particularly FEDORA and FVWM; POLITICS; and STUFF. That’s not all I post, and I realize that I might get more readers to stick around if I broke it up into several blogs, each with a more confined topic, but that’s not my intention. If I find an interest in another topic, I’ll start posting stuff about it here. If you think one set of stuff I post is cool and another is boring, you can subscribe to just one label from the RSS page.

All of that said, I do appreciate comments. If you have something on your mind even distantly related to a post, put it in a comment. I’ll definitely reply, and it’s always nice to have someone else’s insight to grow on!

P.S. - If anyone has a cool cape or pair of googles, or a spare hot-air balloon, I could really use one if I want to be a real blogger.