You Must Be Kidding

My wife sent me this article last night, after the two of us and a couple of our friends had a pretty long discussion of personal responsibility.

The article is about a woman who’s suing her college because she can’t find a job. A woman who graduated with a 2.7. A woman whose job search has lasted only three months. A woman whose excuse is, “It doesn’t make any sense: They went to school for four years, and then they come out working at McDonald’s and Payless. That’s not what they planned.”

It’s not what you planned?! Was there anything in your plan about “Making Good Grades” or “Working To Get Ahead,” or was it something along the lines of “I have a degree so surely I am owed a job?” What on earth makes you think you’re entitled to a job? What makes you think that a school, which already put up with mediocre work from you for four years, owes you a job?

What did you expect to get out of college?