A Simple Challenge

Say “God Bless” fifty times this week. And next week. And the week after….

Say it to the people who check your ID when you go into the security area at work. Say it to whoever is left in the office when you leave. Say it as a closing in your telephone conversations. Sign off from email and IM with those two words.

The only reference I have for this is Numbers 6:24-26, but I still think it’s a good idea.

Oh, if you want to be really cool, say “Dios te bendiga”* if you get a good chance and then explain what it means and that you went on a cool mission trip to the Dominican Republic** and that reaching out is the duty of every Christian.


*Substitute whatever language rendering of “God Bless You” is appropriate
**Substitute whatever place you were in when you used aforementioned rendering
***I get extra points for using a phrase that doesn’t even mean God Bless but leads me by a meandering route around to the fact that God is AWESOME. (And also INEXHAUSTIBLE.) The point is reach out and be a talker.