2010 Resolutions?

I’ve struggled with this post (and it’s a couple of days late) because I really don’t know what to do for resolutions this year… 2009 was the first year I ever made resolutions, and putting them online turned out to be pretty good motivation, so I wanted to do it again. But I have no idea what to resolve for 2010. I could go the comedy way, but I want to actually accomplish something. So I’ve searched teh Interwebs and taken whatever I can find.

Squidoo comes up first on a Google search for 2010 resolutions, so I checked their article. has the same ten resolutions in a different order, so I figure they’re pretty good ones. However, I’m a non-smoker with no weight to lose and a healthy, organized, and enjoyable lifestyle, so the only one of their resolutions is worthwhile for me. has 10 travel resolutions. Again, most aren’t all that useful to me, as I have a passport and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing almost nothing but relaxing. But there are two items that I’ll put on my list.

On TechRepublic, I found one geek’s resolutions. One that sounded good to me was to write more. The author made that resolution because he gets paid for the things he writes. While I don’t, there’s a lot to be gained for me from simply putting fingers to keyboard.

PasteMagazine had an article titled “Fifteen Musical New Year’s Resolutions for 2010,” but they were just the average resolutions (see Squidoo above), but based on pop songs. But a good resolution that I thought of when I saw “Musical Resolutions,” was to actually spend some time enjoying my own musical ability.

Lastly, I found this post on the Gospel Coalition Blog. It’s based on the book The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards, which is based on the seventy “Resolutions” written by Jonathan Edwards. I may review some of the seventy resolutions in a future post (or series), but for now, I’ll sum them up: as John Brookes wrote in Manliness (1875), “Openness to the Light and Love of Jesus, and resoluteness to follow them promptly, constitute Christian Manliness.”