Christianity, the MMORPG

As I was driving back to work today after a stop at a computer parts shop, I was wondering if the shop owner I’d just spoken to was as much of a nerd as he seemed. Did he play Everquest?

And I had a thought. I sometimes treat Christianity like a role-playing game. Like I might not be a Christian at work. Or I might not be a Christian on Saturday. I’m a only Christian when I’m at Church or at praise band rehearsal. It’s like I waited all week to play ChristQuest on Sunday morning with my guild. I don’t want to be one of those weird guys who dresses up as their character or really gets into it, you know? Heck, I don’t even talk about the game except to other people who play. I’d never mention Christ to a non-Christian - he’d think I was a nerd!

Wrong answer.

Romans 12:2 says do not be conformed. That means be different. While I don’t recommend dressing up as a Dark Elf for your next job interview, it’s definitely cool to talk to nonbelievers about Christ, and even admit that you follow Him. In fact, it’s absolutely essential (Luke 19:40).

So, does your Christian avatar exist only at Church?