Design Update X3

Just a note about recent changes to my CSS…

Turns out that the default monospace font on most Windows computers is awful. Which made this site a pain to read for anyone using that operating system. I did a day’s worth of reading on typefaces and font selection last week which resulted in the new stick online font stack (code below). Many thanks to Code Style for their Font stack builder.

font-family: “DejaVu Sans Mono”,
“Andale Mono”,
“Bitstream Vera Sans Mono”,
“Liberation Mono”,
“Courier New”,

Second thing is this really cool color I discovered called “Cosmic Latte,” which is now the background color of stick online. I call it really cool because it’s apparently the average hue of ambient light in the universe, or something. Anyway. Discovering that color (along with a Bones episode) made me want to research the Pantone Color Wheel, whereupon I discovered and binge-geeked on color palettes. I only wish their software ran on Linux.

Third thing (mostly unnoticed, probably) is that the navigation bar (the thing with the Hebrew writing above it) at the top now covers the whole content pane. My wife said she likes it better that way.

Let me know if you love/hate any parts of the redesign!