Standard Capacity Magazines - Call Your Congresspeople!

Here is the bill:

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I just sent the letter below to President Barack Obama (D), Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), and Representative John Carter (R-TX).

I’m writing out of a deep concern regarding the upcoming bill to be introduced by Congresswoman DeGette that will ban firearm magazines larger than 10 rounds. My wife and I are law-abiding citizens with military training and we each legally carry pistols for self defense. Every single weapon we own holds more than 10 rounds in the standard-capacity magazine that comes with the pistol. Even my subcompact pistols hold at least 13 rounds. I cannot help but believe that the framers of this bill are oblivious to the fact that many, many handguns come standard with magazines holding almost twenty rounds and many rifles have standard magazines that carry even more - there is nothing “high capacity” about these devices. This law will effectively cripple my constitutionally protected right to carry by banning every single standard magazine on the market for all of the firearms I own. Please, do the research and you will see that this bill does nothing to deter violent crime while making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Vote against it.