Quiet Time

YouVersion Reformation Reading Plan, day 228

Matthew 27:2727-66 §

The Roman soldiers mock Christ by saying, “Hail, King of the Jews” (verse 29). The literal lowest thing to them was to be one of God’s chosen people. They did not recognize His deity, of course, but in their minds the God of the Hebrews was disproven by the very fact that Rome (like many other nations before it) had conquered Israel/Palestine. People who worshipped this God were worthy of scorn. Nothing ever changes. Ever will the world proclaim victory over God. Ever will God’s victory over us come in the form of Christ and His grace.

Christ refuses painkillers (wine mixed with gall) during his crucifixion (verse 34).

I generally think of the curtain of the temple being torn in two as a metaphor for our being able to approach God through the death of Christ. I do not think that is actually the idea. In the old testament we read about God “breaking out among the people.” I think that is probably a more accurate picture of why the curtain split in two. Not that we can now go to God…. God is now coming to us.

I Chronicles 27 §

Hushai the Archite has the best official position: the king’s friend.

I Chronicles 28 §

King David understands explicitly that it was not his own deeds that resulted in his kingship.

…And among my father’s sons He took pleasure in me to make me king over all Israel.

I Chronicles 28:4

David also does not understand God’s promise that his and Solomon’s throne will last forever as unconditional. He makes it clear to Solomon (verse 9) that if Solomon does not follow God, God will cast him off forever. So how much is God doing? All of it. And what are we expected to do? Seek Him.

I want to say to my sons, “…the LORD God, even my God, is with you” (verse 20).

I Chronicles 29 §

Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly, for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the LORD.

I Chronicles 29:9

The secret to rejoicing is to give willingly, with a whole heart, for the LORD.