Quiet Time

YouVersion Reformation Reading Plan, day 262

Philippians 1 §

Paul’s imprisonment (like everything else that happened to Paul) is for the advancement of the Gospel (verse 12). Some of his detractors are preaching the Gospel under false pretenses, to somehow hurt Paul (verse 17), though I don’t understand what they hope to accomplish. However, I do think it is powerful that God uses their preaching, in earnest or not, for his glory (verse 18). I grew up in a church where (I have come to believe or understand) Christ was preached only in the context of a morality play. But I thank God that I learned so much of scripture and so many hymns during my time there. The LORD used that preaching to prepare me to worship Him more earnestly.

Job 9 §

It’s interesting to me that Job mentions the constellation Orion. According to Wikipedia, the constellation is named for a Greek hero who first appears in the Odyssey, dating the story to 11-10 centuries BC. Again, Wikipedia reports the Book of Job as originating somewhere about the 6th century BC. It’s an interesting Wikipedia article. Should I regard the book as literal history, or a parable? Should I regard it as narrative or poetry (or both)? How do I reconcile its conflicts with the book of Proverbs?

Job 10 §

Job knows, and says from a place of certain knowledge, how much bigger, greater, more powerful, wiser, and more righteous God is than him. Sometimes I forget that.

Job 11 §

Zophar (Job’s friend) reminds us that if we were perfect we would be lifted up. None of us is perfect, though.

If iniquity is in your hand, put it far away,
and let not injustice dwell in your tents.

Job 11:14