Quiet Time

YouVersion Reformation Reading Plan, day 265

Proverbs 20 §

It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife,
but every fool will be quarreling.

Proverbs 20:3

Let’s not argue about this, OK?

Psalm 110 §

The LORD says to my Lord:
“Sit at my right hand,
until I make your enemies your footstool.”

Psalms 110:1

It’s a little scary that this chapter is all about Christ and it talks about kings being shattered and nations being filled with corpses….

Psalm 111 §

He sent redemption to his people;
he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name!

Psalms 111:9

God sent redemption.

Psalm 112 §

Psalm 113 §

Praise the LORD!