Quiet Time

YouVersion Reformation Reading Plan, day 282

I Timothy 6:3-21 §

I wonder sometimes if I stray into the “unhealthy craving for controversy” or “quarrels about words” territory (verse 4). What is the edge of wanting to be as particularly correct as possible, versus evil suspicions and constant friction (verse 5)?

But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.

I Timothy 6:8

LORD, make me content with You and nothing more. That feels like a dangerous prayer to pray (especially after finishing Job not long ago), but truly we need nothing more than Christ.

Living in modern America certainly qualifies me as “rich” in the sense of verse 17. Am I rich in good works as well (verse 18)?

Song of Solomon 1 §

Yep. Song of Solomon is weird.

Song of Solomon 2 §

Song of Solomon 3 §

“The crown with which his mother crowned him” (verse 11) just sounds weird. Wasn’t he crowned King of Israel by the prophet Nathan and Zadok the priest? They anoint him (I Kings 1:39), but I suppose the crown isn’t mentioned. Maybe it’s part of the marriage feast/celebration? Anyway, it’s weird.

Song of Solomon 4 §

So. Much. Innuendo.

Seriously, it is difficult to focus on the idea of the love of Christ for his bride (the church), when I know that Solomon’s wisdom wasn’t enough to keep him from being “in love” with hundreds of women — so much so that he brought Israel to ruin in idolatry.

Song of Solomon is weird.