Quiet Time

YouVersion Reformation Reading Plan, day 298

Mark 6:1-29 §

I don’t think I would do very well being rejected by my friends and family (verse 4). How painful that is, that no one listened and everyone thought You strange and arrogant.

Jesus tells his disciples to find a house to stay in, and not keep moving around within the same town/area/“there” (verse 10). Is this an indication that we’re meant to build a single congregation in any physical/geographic location? It might be a stretch to claim that the disciples were “starting churches”, but wouldn’t our churches be stronger if they were united?

Gentlemen, dancing girls (who are not your wife) are a snare at best and snakes at worst. Also, being “exceedingly sorry” (verse 26) does not excuse your sin, especially when you continue in it. “Sorry” is not repentance.

Jeremiah 32 §

Jeremiah invests in the LORD’s promise to bring His remnant back from captivity. We should invest in the LORD’s work instead of making offerings to Baal.

Jeremiah 33 §