Quiet Time

YouVersion Reformation Reading Plan, day 306

Mark 10:1-31 §

God relates to us in grace and provides for our hardness of heart (verse 5). Christ our ransom was required because of our hardness of heart.

Jesus loves us enough to say the hardest things to us (verse 21).

We will receive back a hundredfold anything we lose in pursuing the Gospel (verses 29-30).

Jeremiah 50 §

Being the last of your line is a disgrace (verse 12). We should be striving to bring the Gospel to new generations.

Jeremiah 51 §

This is the fifty-first chapter of Jeremiah. Fifty-one chapters (and they are not short chapters) of God’s hatred for sin, God’s declaration of his wrath, and God’s promise to preserve a remnant. We cannot miss these points.